Capricorn Rising Breathwork offers group breathwork circles and one-on-one breathwork sessions designed to shift personal energy, heal known and unknown wounds, and foster community.

Chris Phipps (right) and Stephen Roehler (left) formed Capricorn Rising Breathwork to share the healing practice of breathwork, an active meditation technique that first entered our lives almost a decade ago. When it showed back up a couple years ago, we were both at the right place and time for it to take hold like few other spiritual practices had done before. Having a friendship that has spanned more than a decade, it’s been such a gift to watch each other grow, to get certified in teaching breathwork by our teachers, David Elliott and Erin Telford, and to now work together to guide others via this powerful healing modality.  

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that uses conscious breathing to move stuck emotional energy, raise your vibrational level and facilitate connection with your Spirit.

This is an amazing opportunity to take time for yourself and recharge your body with universal energy that is free and accessible to all of us. We invite you to come experience a deeper connection to yourself energetically and to open your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.

the breathwork experience:


We start by sitting in a circle and open with a short, grounding meditation. We introduce a topic and participants are given an opportunity to share their thoughts and set intentions.

Everyone then lies down on a mat or blanket for 25-30 minutes of active breathwork. The active breathing technique employs a simple, two-part breath, done while lying down with your eyes closed.

During the breathwork we will play an awesome playlist while we guide you, provide affirmations, and apply gentle, grounding touch. We also employ essential oils, sage, palo santo and sweetgrass – inputs from nature that facilitate a deeper experience.

We conclude with a rest period where you slow down your breathing to a natural rhythm and completely chill out and experience a profoundly relaxing meditation.

What are the benefits of breathwork?

  • Calming and grounding the nervous system

  • Honoring and releasing emotions

  • Clearing stuck energy and releasing fears and limiting beliefs

  • Shifting lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction

  • Connecting to intuition and accessing creativity

  • Opening your heart to increased gratitude and self-love








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Capricorn Rising, the duo Chris and Stephen, are a balm for the soul. The male energy is very supportive and strong, super grounded, but also open and allowing. I love the way that they hold space, because they work together as a team. As one person is applying oil or burning sage, the other is guiding us through with verbal ques and monitoring our breath. In the amazing circle that I attended last night, I was grateful for hear Stephen say something that made me laugh, adding levity. It’s the perfect combination for allowing both intensity and joy.
— Tiffany
Breathwork is a form of meditation that fires on all cylinders! In practicing it, I‘m better able detach from my thoughts. I’ve found those moments create a space to connect with insights and emotions at a deeper level, and because I’m breathing through all of it, I’m able to allow things to surface and experience them in a way I may not allow myself to do so otherwise. I’ve found that there is nothing more empowering than the feeling of confidence that comes from being completely in the present. Ultimately, I believe Breathwork puts me in touch with a greater awarenes within myself or, if you will, a Higher Power.
— Vito
Breathwork has taken my spiritual practice to a whole other level. The work allows my body to relax and really helps with a greater sense of conscious contact. I let go to a different level then I do with meditation and feel at more ease to get a cry or frustration out - and feel relief afterwards.
— Justin
Breathwork takes the benefits from meditation to the next level – the results come even faster. It has increased and expanded my connection to God.
— Amye


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